The Educator Network

Join Pivot's CEO, Amanda Bickerstaff, as she speaks to education leaders on the topics that matter the most to teachers and leaders.

The Educator Network

Join Pivot's CEO, Amanda Bickerstaff, as she speaks to education leaders on the topics that matter the most to teachers and leaders.

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Episode 5: Beth Blackwood - Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Independent Schools

Amanda Bickerstaff interviews Beth Blackwood, President of the Association of Head of Independent Schools of Australia. Together they discuss our latest research on the impact of COVID-19 on Australian education and the experiences of independent schools during 2020. 

Episode 4: Dyonne Anderson - Moving forward after COVID-19 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Amanda interviews National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principal Association President, Dyonne Anderson. Together they discuss the inequities seen not only in the data from our latest research, but also the first hand experiences of several Aboriginal and Torres Strait leaders.

Episode 3: Andrew Pierpoint - What secondary principals should do next to create a more equitable education

Amanda interviews Australian Secondary Principals Association President, Andrew Pierpoint. Together they discuss the key findings around the secondary school data seen within the research, plus Andrew highlights the two leading areas that need to be addressed first by system leaders and school principals to improve equity in Australian education.

Episode 2: Dr. Clare Buckley Flack - Lead researcher on Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Education paper

Amanda interviews Dr. Clare Buckley Flack, the Lead Researcher on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 on Australian Education’ project. Together, Amanda and Clare discusss the guiding principles of this research.

Episode 1: Adam Inder - Student Feedback Data in Action

Amanda interviews Clarkson Community High School’s Deputy Principal, Adam Inder. Focused on the use of data in schools, Adam shares his experiences with building a student-centred feedback culture and how to help teachers overcome their fears of receiving feedback on their practice.

Meet the host: Amanda Bickerstaff

Amanda Bickerstaff

Connect with Amanda:

Amanda has spent the past 15 years in the education and education technology fields with a focus on professional learning, online learning, STEM, computer science education, and curriculum development. After stumbling into EdTech after graduate school, she has helped build and launch multiple organisations in the US with a focus on improving teacher practice and student outcomes.

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Use these resources to build student voice within your school.

The keys to effective feedback

Research has shown that feedback and reflective practice are key for improved teaching and leading. We have also seen that when done effectively, educators learn more about themselves and make self-directed changes to their practice. 

Classroom behaviour management

There are various types of challenging behaviours in the classroom, from low-level disruptions such as talking out of turn and not following directions, to more anti-social behaviours such as bullying, aggression and violence. Follow these strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms. 

The role of evaluation and reflection in teaching and school improvement

The skills we require of our teachers today will be significantly different to what we will require of teachers in the future. To manage these challenges, school and teachers must continually adjust their priorities and practices to continue to be relevant. 

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