Why schools love Pivot

Hear from our wonderful network of school leaders, teachers and students who use Pivot.

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Why schools love Pivot

Hear from our wonderful network of school leaders, teachers and students who use Pivot.

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Reflecting on student experiences during remote learning

Toorak Primary School, located in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, offers the Victorian Curriculum to around 540 students from Foundation Years to Year Six and has used …

Upper Yarra Secondary College

Using the Student Perception Survey for school improvement with Upper Yarra Secondary College

Upper Yarra Secondary College has been using Pivot’s Student Perception Survey on Teaching Effectiveness since 2017, when they were introduced to the tool through a …

student feedback during remote learning

The importance of student feedback during remote learning

In Term 2 and Term 3 of 2020 Craigieburn Secondary College, a school of over 1000 students  from Years 7-12 located in Melbourne’s north, used …

creating a culture of feedback

Developing their teaching practice and culture of feedback

Developing their teaching practice and culture of feedback Following their latest Pivot cycle, we spoke with Paul Cornell, Year 2 Teacher at  Rollins Primary School, …

student engagement

Boosting engagement and student voice – a win-win!

Co-teaching in bi-lingual primary school in Australia In this unique setting, where each class has a native Japanese and a native English teacher, there were …

student voice and agency

R.E.S.P.E.C.T., find out what it means to me!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T., find out what it means to me! Miles, can you tell us a little about your class?  I co-teach in a class of 55 …

School Leaders

Nyah District Primary School conducted Pivot twice during 2017. We surveyed our grade 2 to 6 students. Teachers utilised the data within the school as a reflection component on their performance and as a positive reinforcement tool for teaching and learning. Staff were comfortable sharing their data with other members of staff and this led to many highly beneficial conversations. Staff found the data to be useful in their own Performance and Development processes and also gave insight into students thoughts. The Pivot survey was easy to administer and allowed students a voice. This voice was carefully considered by staff and leadership. Actions taken from the PIVOT results have had a positive impact within our school and as a result students have benefitted.
Luke Dalton
Nyah District Primary School
By combining the group analysis of our PIVOT data … with other forms of data, staff were able to set goals for their instructional practice and track their impact over the year. This gave legitimacy to our investigation into high impact teaching strategies and our ambitious goals to significantly increase our student growth in literacy. Due to the success of this process we have committed funds to purchase the program for all of our staff in all teaching teams across the school so that they can follow a similar cycle of evaluation.
Lee Gillam
Greensborough Secondary College
Feedback from the staff involved in the Pivot survey process has been very positive. The survey was easy to administer and did not intrude on class time. Staff found the diagrammatic and informative reports easy to read, with direct links to the AITSL standards.
Bev Thorp
Learning Leader, St Mary's of the Angels Secondary College
Pivot provides a fantastic opportunity for students to have a voice and for teachers to understand what makes the students tick. It has opened up conversation points between students and teachers and also encouraged teachers to reflect on their practice using the standards.
Karlie Gooding
Assistant Principal, Milgate Primary School
Pivot’s reports really bring the results to life and give a positive basis for action. Without the Pivot reporting format and all the follow-up resources and debrief, the survey results risk becoming ‘shelved’ once teachers ask “where to from here?"
Jeremy Ludowyke
Principal, Melbourne High School


I would recommend Pivot. The company is very easy to work with. The surveys are not full of jargon and the teachers find the results easy to unpack with the graphics and attached resources. We have found it a really valuable experience.
Kat Anastasi
Year 9 and 10 Learning Leader, Mt St Josephs, Altona
Our experience with Pivot is that it has had a really positive impact on the culture within our school in terms of sharing data and practice with colleagues. It’s helped individual teachers get real feedback from students about what’s happening in their classroom… My own experience as a teacher is that it has given me strategies for making an impact on the learning in my classroom.
Jamie Mason
Acting Deputy Principal, CRC Sydenham


We asked some of our school Principals what the students themselves thought and were delighted to discover that over 90% found their students were very receptive to having their say on their teachers’ effectiveness.

Comments we received included:

Our students complete a lot of surveys. The comments from our students from our students when completing the Pivot survey was extremely positive. I think the format and the clear and concise questions contributed to this.
Student voice and empowerment are part of our AIP [Annual Implementation Plan] goals, and the students were familiar with opportunities to provide feedback to staff. They responded well to this digital survey and found it easy to use.
We have been using Survey Monkey to question students on key strategic teaching and learning focus areas. Students made positive comments after completing this survey, in general suggesting that this survey was “heaps better”.


The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) is the premier national organisation supporting the teaching and learning of mathematics. In 2017 we collaborated with Pivot to develop and pilot some mathematics-specific questions to supplement the survey of teacher effectiveness. I was personally very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the quantitative results. The qualitative commentary was insightful and well written. The outcome was that we have identified possible areas of need in mathematics teaching that the Council is considering in its forward planning. The Pivot staff with whom I have interacted have shown themselves to be highly professional; and good communicators who met agreed deadlines. We hope to continue to collaborate with Pivot as opportunities arise.
Will Moroney
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Association of Maths Teachers

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