Student voice networking event

Talking Student Voice with the Geelong Assistant Principals Network

Recently, the Pivot team had the pleasure of travelling to Geelong to join the once-a-term Geelong Assistant Principals Network session. At this session, Amanda Bickerstaff, Pivot’s CEO, and Wren Gillett, one of Pivot’s Student Voice Advocates, spoke to over 40 Assistant Principals about amplifying student voice, agency and engagement.

Student Voice networking session

At this network session, Amanda unpacked the theory and context behind student voice and agency before exploring best practices through various case studies of Pivot schools that put student voice and participation at the very centre of all they do. Wren provided the student perspective during the session, talking to the Assistant Principals about what it means to be given a voice and the impact that having a voice has had on her, both in the classroom and beyond the school gates. At the end of the session, a range of easy-to-implement, evidence-based strategies to promote student voice were shared with the Assistant Principals to take back to their schools and share with their staff.

Networking event

Sharing common experiences of remote learning

The session was a great opportunity for the Assistant Principals to network with their peers, whilst also engaging in rich conversations about student engagement and participation in their own school settings. Many of the conversations centred on the importance of having this professional learning in the wake of 2020 with the impact of COVID-19 and remote learning on their students. Having the opportunity to discuss student agency and engagement, provided the group with time and tools to reflect on their students’ experience of school and how student voice, agency and engagement can be elevated going into Term 3.

Host your own network session 

Pivot’s network sessions are a great opportunity for teachers and school leaders to come together, network and engage in meaningful and practical professional learning. Pivot offers two networking sessions, one on student voice and the other on student wellbeing. If you’re looking to book your next networking session, speak to us today about facilitating your session. Simply email for more information.

Student Voice Networking Event


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