Education Redefined Webinar Series

In partnership with Education Perfect, we released a 6 part series exploring the evolving nature of education. 
Each session explores new topics such as student engagement, wellbeing, blended learning, differentiation and effective feedback. Providing a range of resources for you, from bite-sized research with actionable strategies, to interactive conversations with educational leaders. 

Student Engagement

Join us for the top tips on engagement through content, with students, and peer collaboration. Walk away with practical things you can do to help students flourish online, and as we return to the classroom. 

Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is a top concern of educators. Hear from wellbeing experts about how to best support students as they move back into the classroom. Joined by special guest Simon Mann, Education Consultant.

Teacher Wellbeing

We need to come together and support our educators. Our experts come together to discuss self and team care. Joined by special guest Dr. Pete Stebbins, Leadership & Team Development expert with over 20 years experience, helping 1657 education leaders in the last 4 years. 

Online Pedagogies

Digital technologies have the potential to reshape the learning process, but only if teachers are supported to truly understand how they can fit into effective pedagogy. Explore how to meaningfully harness technology to improve student outcomes, by looking at differentiation, flipping the classroom and blended learning.

Student Feedback

Research shows that we need to prioritise student feedback. Interactive and instant feedback and monitoring during class learning and teaching are missing online. Discover practical ways educators can gather student feedback to inform next steps and their professional development.

The Student Voice

We need to listen to what students are telling us. We are giving the students the opportunity to contribute to the conversation on the transforming nature of education. What do they need? What works for them? And what doesn’t?

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