School strategy

Case Study of the Hume-Moreland Primary School Community of Practice, Victoria

The Hume-Moreland Primary Community of Practice consists of five primary schools with an overall focus of deepening and embedding student voice, agency and leadership across their schools. The Community of Practice used Pivot’s Student Perception Survey data to inform specific objectives across their community of practice in 2018 and 2019.

The introduction of Pivot into their schools commenced with facilitated workshops to explain the approach to their teams and explain how to use the insights gained from the Pivot survey. Pivot worked with school leaders to design additional questions around student voice and agency to gain data that would better support their research. Their Education Department’s improvement cycle assisted the schools with their roll-out of the surveys and maintained consistency across all five schools. 

When the community of practice was created in 2018, there was a definite focus on student agency. One principal commented that “Pivot gave us a really narrow focus that enabled us to do so much more.” At a community of practice level there was strong improvement between survey cycles in their additional questions on student voice, which suggests that the collective efforts in this area of focus are having an impact. Significant improvement was also shown for AITSL Standard 4 (create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments) survey items in multiple schools, and school leaders and teachers reported more harmonious and productive classrooms as a result of teachers feeding back their results to their classes. Teachers worked together with students to co-develop solutions to the areas of growth raised by students in the Pivot data, such as “feedback stations” and a “Continuum of behaviour”.

The principals reported that they found the Pivot data more valuable than student engagement data at the school level because “it’s instantaneous, fine-grained, connected to practical steps schools and teachers can take.” At the conclusion of the funded partnership, all of the schools in the Community of Practice decided to continue using Pivot. When asked, one school leader said they continued to use Pivot because “we want to keep it going to keep seeing the difference we make.”