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Pivot provides simple and effective tools for gathering student feedback about things that matter most to educators. 

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Wellbeing For Learning:

Our Wellbeing for Learning tool helps schools monitor, track and support student wellbeing. In just one minute a week, measure the resilience, sense of belonging and safety of your students. 

Student Survey on Teaching:

Gather meaningful feedback on teaching practice from your students in just 5 minutes with our Student Survey on Teaching. Anonymous for the student and confidential for the teacher, our survey delivers insights and next steps to improve practice at the classroom, year, department, school and system level.


3 simple steps

1. Login to the platform

We’ll give you a call and help set you and your teachers up on the Pivot platform so you can get straight into your surveys.

2. Survey your students

When you’re ready to survey, teachers share a survey link with their students.

3. Receive insights

Access our easy-to-understand and interactive reports. We can then chat with you about your results, and what they mean for teaching and learning at your school.

Loved by teachers

3 out of 4 teachers
make a change to their practice

Professional development

3 out of 4 teachers learn something new about themselves

school leadership

9 out of 10 leaders use Pivot data to support school planning and evaluation