2021 Planning

Planning your 2021 School Strategy

Planning your 2021 School Strategy

As we approach the final term for the year, many schools have begun their planning process for 2021. We know how important it is to create evidence-based targets and processes for the new year. To support your school’s planning process, we have compiled the following guide outlining how Pivot can support your Strategic Planning for next year.


Using Pivot to support your Strategic Planning or Annual Implementation Plan

Are you in the process of creating a new Strategic Plan or developing shared targets for your school community? We recommend gathering comprehensive data on teaching and learning via the Pivot Student Perception Survey. The Pivot Student Perception Survey provides clarity on what has been working or not and informs new directions based on evidence. Surveys can be customised to suit your current areas of focus to ensure you gather a full picture of your school climate from the voices of your most important stakeholders – your students. Undertaking a single survey cycle is a great way to gather this data and be on the front foot heading into 2021. Pivot allows you to set clear goals and provides professional learning support tailored to identified areas of need.

Pivot offers student feedback survey options from foundation to senior secondary students and has an enhanced Distance Learning option if your school is impacted by recent or future closures. All feedback from students is anonymous and confidential to teachers, which keeps the focus on teachers’ strengths and areas for growth. We also offer resources to assist leadership teams in any forward planning work based on the outcomes from the surveys.


Supporting the Professional Learning of your Teachers

Using Pivot to gather meaningful and actionable feedback from students allows teachers to set clear professional development goals heading into 2021. Gathering feedback from students in the second half of the year allows teachers to utilise Pivot’s vast resource banks and platform tools to support this process.


Goal Setting

Pivot’s goal setting tool allows teachers to input their professional development goals and strategies into clear trackable timelines before the new school year begins. Any professional learning can be logged against applicable goals. Goals are shareable with leaders and peers to assist in any Professional Learning Planning meetings. The Pivot Platform allows teachers to keep all PL information in the one space for reflection, review and ongoing monitoring.



The Pivot Platform also includes an observations function. Using this, teachers and leaders are able to request observations of themselves and others, keep observational and debrief notes and log observations against their professional development goals. 



The Pivot Platform and Surveys provide a ‘one stop shop’ for developing and monitoring teacher practice in alignment with individual and whole school goals and targets. Using Pivot to support the collection of feedback and allowing time for teachers to familiarise themselves with all of the supportive platform functions, in the later half of 2020, will assist in beginning 2021 with a clear and consolidated school approach and focus.


Get ready for 2021 now

For more information on Pivot’s feedback tools contact us at hello@pivotpl.com or to try our feedback tools for free go to www.pivotpl.com/free-trial.